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Expedia unpublished rate hotels
  • Free Expedia “Thank You: Rewards Network” – Earn 1 point for every $1 that you spend with Expedia.  100 points = $1 of redeemable currency for travel
  • Expedia coupon codes and extreme deals on last-minute hotels and flights where prices change rapidly
  • Unpublished Rate Hotels – Save up to 50% on hotels when you book now and get the name of the hotel later
  • Expedia “Trip Assist” application for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch – With the Expedia Trip Assist app, you can get free real-time flight status updates for any flight and book travel directly from your phone or mobile device
  • Expedia “Elite Plus” – Member’s-only club for Expedia’s “best customers“. To qualify as a member, you must stay 15 hotel nights or book $10,000 worth of travel from Expedia within 1 year. Benefits include “Priority Customer Service”, exclusive travel deals.  Expedia previously waived change & cancellation fees for their Elite Plus members, but this has apparently gone by the wayside
  • Expedia Insider’s Select - Their “ultimate list” of the world’s best hotels and resorts
  • Expedia “Package Protection”- Coverage for service fees on Expedia’s flights, hotels, cars and activities in the event you change or cancel a trip cost generally ranges from $49 to $89 per person
Our Editor’s Review:
The way Expedia rates their hotels is more comprehensive than other sites, and we really like that.  We also love the Expedia “Insider’s Select” hotel listing, because you can enter in the city that you are traveling to and it will instantly provide a list of the best rated hotels. Expedia does not base this list solely on customer ratings (like many other travel sites). Rather, they take an objective approach in rating hotels and “consider a wide array of factors, including ratings from independent ratings systems, media recognition, and post-trip surveys of our customers“. You can read just the customer reviews on the “Insider’s Direct” page as well. After you find the best rated hotel in your budget, you can easily book it right there on the page. Remember to go back and write your own hotel review after your trip, because these websites need your input! Expedia claims that 99.85% of their customers are satisfied with their experience.  However, we found online complaints from customers claiming that their Expedia reservations were cancelled, even after Expedia claimed that their reservation was “guaranteed”.  These rampant complaints have caused many to lose their trust in Expedia and there are entire websites dedicated to declaring Expedia a scam. Here on TravelSiteCritic.com, we’ve gotten more customer complaints about Expedia, relative to the competition.  We caution you to confirm all reservations directly with the airlines, hotels, and cruise lines prior to departure. This is also Expedia’s own advice, “All flights should be confirmed with the airline directly. We recommend that you do so at least 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights (72 hours for flights to Hawaii and international destinations)“.  Also, be aware that Expedia cannot guarantee that your flight seat requests will be honored by the airline, “On certain flights, the airline will allow Expedia to request seats on your behalf (via our Seat Pinpointer tool), but these are only requests, and need to be verified with the airline“. We do not feel that Expedia is a scam based on a few online complaints, because they still seem few and far between. Keep in mind that most people who have good experiences with Expedia are not going to go out and leave positive comments on forums and create websites called “ExpediaIsAwesome.com“.  Rather, it’s angry customers with bad experiences that make their voices heard on the internet. Expedia is one of the largest online travel agencies, so there are bound to be complaints, and that is likely why the number of them may seem excessive. Just use caution, and confirm everything before you go. We recommend that you do this no matter who you book with.
Expedia Fees and Policies*:
  • $0 change fee by Expedia on “flights” or “hotels”. (Be aware that the variable “booking fee” is not refundable, and airlines typically will charge you for changes).
  • $50 charge by Expedia to change a booked “vacation package”, plus any fees charged by the suppliers. (Unless you purchase Package Protection).
  • Booking fees vary, and are disclosed when you make the purchase. “Vacation Packages” usually cannot be cancelled.
  • If a booked flight allows changes, but is non-refundable, you will generally have 12 months from the time the ticket was booked (not cancelled) to rebook the flight.   You still need to pay any cancellation fees imposed by the airline and the new ticket must be with the same airline and for the same passenger.
  • If you cancel hotels or properties, they can only be cancelled pursuant to the hotel’s policy. The hotel may charge a penalty.
*Based solely on research done by TravelSiteCritic.com, these figures may be inaccurate and are subject to change.Verify policies with Expedia before you book. Please be aware of airfare taxes & fees, applicable to any booking that includes airfare.
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Rating: 1.7/5 (338 votes cast)
Expedia Reviews | Expedia.com, 1.7 out of 5 based on 338 ratings

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