Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What service do you offer? We offer travel agency website reviews & ratings, along with links to travel agency website deals.  We provide travel agency website travel deals, offers and coupon codes to help you save money while booking travel online.  We provide you with links to each travel agency (3rd party), if you choose to get more information directly from the source or book travel.   Further, we do our best to research each 3rd party website cancellation and booking fee policies, and put it right there on our review page for you.   We are not experts.  Keep in mind that this information (and any information in our review) can be incorrect and subject to error!   Please go directly to each 3rd party/travel agency website and read their policies and procedures.   In a nutshell:  Travel Site Critic is in the business of marketing 3rd party travel websites (aka: online travel agencies).   Through our reviews, and in providing you with links to these travel websites, we are promoting and marketing these websites.   You have no obligation to buy from any of these travel websites or go through the links we provide.
  2. Do you charge anything to use this website? No.
  3. How do you make money? We are marketing affiliates for many of the 3rd party websites (aka. Advertisers) that we promote through reviews, travel deals, and links.  If you click on a link provided on this site and subsequently buy something from that 3rd party website (Advertiser), we sometimes receive commissions from that 3rd party website (Advertiser). See disclosure.
  4. Do travel agencies (3rd parties) pay you write reviews or post links to their deals?  No, we are not paid to write reviews or post deals. We have an affiliate marketing relationship with certain Advertisers (see question #3 above), which allows us to earn commissions.   Keep in mind that this relationship may affect our reviews, whether positive or negative, but we are providing our honest opinion in our reviews.  Use your discretion.  We sometimes just review websites for fun, even if we are not affiliated.
  5. Do you sell anything directly? We do not collect money from our website visitors and do not sell travel.  Travel Site Critic is a marketing company, and all of our revenue is generated from the 3rd party websites (aka. Advertisers) that we promote, market and review.  If you wish to purchase something or book travel, you may go through the links on our site, which will take you away from our site and directly to an 3rd party website (Advertiser).    The online 3rd party website and/or travel agency will handle your entire transaction.
  6. Do you only write reviews about the travel agencies that you have an advertising affiliate relationship with?  No.   We may review any travel website, including travel guides and magazine websites that we have no relationship with.  Sometimes we just find a website interesting and want to review it.
  7. Are you a travel agency? No.  We are not a travel agency.   We don’t sell travel or airfare.  Traves Site Critic is a marketing company that promotes travel agencies through reviews and links  to travel companies.  We provide you with links to 3rd party websites, if you wish to buy something.
  8. What if I find a better travel deal than you? Great!  Feel free to let us know about it.  We are always looking for great travel deals.
  9. What if I book something and need to cancel?  We do not sell travel.   If you booked travel, you did not book it with us.  Rather, you may have followed a link from our site to a 3rd party website and/or travel agency.   You would need to cancel your travel plans directly with that 3rd party website/travel agency site.   Each 3rd party website has their own policies, terms & conditions, and many times they do not allow cancellations.  Always read their policies before you buy!
  10. What if the travel product or price you list is no longer available or incorrect? As travel gets booked on a 3rd party/travel agency website their inventory may change.  It is possible that the product or price we find will be no longer available when you follow our link to this source.  The prices on our site are from third-party travel agency websites (Advertisers), and may not include all fees, taxes and government imposed fees.  We are not responsible for the content on these third-party travel agency sites.  In addition, it is possible that we made a mistake or error.  We apologize should this happen.

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