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Please read the following carefully! is not a “seller of travel” or a travel agency, we simply spread the word about great travel deals that we find on the internet, and provide a link to the travel agency that is selling the travel deal. Nonetheless, we want you to be aware that, unless otherwise indicated, the prices listed on may not include all applicable taxes, charges and government imposed fees. This includes vacation packages that include airfare as part of the package. The price we publish is exactly what we find advertised on the airline or travel agency website at the time it was published. The total amount of the airfare, hotel, or vacation package (including taxes & fees) should be prominently displayed when you click the link we provide to the travel agent’s or airline carrier’s website. Baggage fees may also be additional. The following overview will give you an idea of what fees & taxes may apply to any booking that includes airfare (these are just estimates from 2012 and may change at any time)

Passenger Facility Charges: Passenger Facility Charges (PFCs) of up to $18.00 USD may apply depending upon the itinerary chosen.

Federal Excise Tax/Segment Fee: A federal excise tax or segment fee of up to $3.70 USD does apply per flight segment, if this tax is not included already in the advertised fare. A flight segment is defined as one takeoff and one landing.

September 11th Security Fee: A September 11th Security Fee of $2.50 USD applies per flight segment. A flight segment is defined as one takeoff and one landing.

U.S. or International Departure and Arrival Charges: U.S. or international government imposed taxes and fee of up to $200.00 USD may apply depending upon the itinerary chosen.

Shipping & Handling Fees: Some travel companies or their agents may impose shipping and/or handling fees if you request paper tickets or for certain types of transactions.

Baggage Fees: Airlines may charge an additional fee for checked bags. These fees generally range from $15-$45 each way. Airlines also may charge fees for any overweight (typically over 50 pounds) or oversize bags. See the individual airlines websites for more information.

Service Fee: Travel companies may charge a service or booking fee.

Itinerary Changes/Cancellations/Refunds: Itinerary changes, if permitted for the fare, may have a change fee of up to $150.00 USD that will vary by market, carrier and specific fare rule.


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