Top 10 Travel Sites

This is a list of the Top 10 Travel Sites as rated by experienced travelers on Each of these travel sites have been rated by actual customers, using the dynamic rating stars that are found on each of our travel website reviews. These travel websites are reviewed by us based on our opinion of their overall reputation, usability, popularity, customer service, organization, product selection, pricing, promotional offerings, booking fees and cancellation policies (disclosure).  All of these listed as a Top 10 Travel Site rated well in each category in our reviews, and their own customers have agreed by rating them to the top!  This list is constantly evolving and Travel Site Critic’s Top 10 Travel Sites List may change on a daily basis, depending on which travel sites get the highest ratings from their customers. Think that a different website should be on this list? Vote for your favorite websites by using the dynamic rating stars on each review. We are always looking for new online travel sites to review, and welcome your comments below. Do you have a travel website or blog that you would like us to review? Check out our online travel marketing plan for your website!

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