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  • Comprehensive guide for families traveling with children, listing tons of travel resources, guides and reviews, written by parents for parents
  • Destinations section reveals a collection of travel guides for popular family destinations around the world
  • Hotels are reviewed by Ciao Bambino team, and also by discerned readers.
  • Online hotel booking request form is available.
  • Handy search form on top of the website, where according to your kid’s age and the facilities you want, you can consult the hotels that better suit your family in a certain holiday destination.
  • Travel Tips section full of contacts and descriptions for different travel agencies worldwide, specialized in family travel programs.
  • The Ciao Bambino blog brings you closer to the website owners and the team behind, highlighting their personal experiences while traveling with kids or setting-up in different locations.
  • @CiaoBambino on Twitter
  • Ciao Bambino on Facebook
The Good
One of the best things from Ciao Bambino is definitely the kid-friendly hotel reviews section.  It’s not easy to find a good hotel with enough room space and facilities for kids in popular travel destinations.  We also found a useful collection of tips for traveling with children.  We loved the travel articles page, with highlights of what kids like to do in different cities – from family activities to kid-friendly meals in recommended restaurants. What we really liked most about Ciao Bambino is the sense of community that you get while reading it.  Ciao Bambino allows you to share the feeling that you’re not the only parent in the world traveling with kids.   You can also contribute to the blog and write your own reviews.
The Bad
We were a bit confused with the booking form, and aren’t sure whether Ciao Bambino is a “travel agency” or just refers us to one to complete the hotel booking.   We didn’t take it all the way through the booking process, so in fairness, it probably would have made more sense to us if we completed a hotel booking with them.   We didn’t find anything that bugged us about the Ciao Bambino travel site, so we don’t have much to say here.  It is a valuable resource for traveling families! Warm up with Beaches Resorts
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Click Star to Rate This Site:
Rating: 3.8/5 (15 votes cast)
Ciao Bambino Travel Guide |, 3.8 out of 5 based on 15 ratings

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