Up to 50% OFF Expedia’s unpublished hotel rates

New from Expedia!   What are “Unpublished Rate Hotels”?
Expedia.com unpublished rate hotels
Unpublished Rate Hotels – Save up to 50%.  Get the deal now and the hotel name after you book!
Expedia claims that their unpublished rate hotels are “brand-name hotels” with unsold rooms who have partnered with Expedia to offer big discounts, up to 50% off their normal rates.   There is a catch!   You book your hotel in your desired destination city, but you don’t get the name of the “brand name” hotel after it is booked on Expedia.

This deal is subject to error, availability, blackout dates and does not include all taxes, fees and government imposed fees. All booked Expedia unpublished rate hotels cannot be canceled, refunded, changed, exchanged, or transferred.  More restrictions may apply, see the Expedia website for full details.

Go book this deal!

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    We used Expedia 2 times. First time we bought 4****, actually it was worst of 4 stars in that area, more like 3***, next time recently we paid for 3***, but it happened to be 2**, really low quality, feel like I was cheated. I wrote complaint to Expedia, lets see what they’ll say. So keep in mind in best case you will get worst from its class you paid for, in worst case in might be one class lower.

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    Maybe it’s good for you. But for my only once experience, it sucks.

    Especially bad if you want a room with two beds. My friend and I booked a room using this Expedia’s unpublished rate, and Expedia gave us a room with just one king bed.

    In addition, it is just 7 dollars cheaper than rooms booked directly from the hotel’s website. Even they tell you “save up to 40%”.

    The hotel is OK.

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    I have used the Expedia unpublished rates three times now with great success. We have stayed at the Hyatt Place in Albuquerque, the Doubletree Inn in Tucson, and I just booked the Holiday Inn in Tucson. Our first two stays were lovely experiences and we payed $53 and $59 respectively… latest was $45. Can’t really beat that deal!

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    Rating: 2.5/5 (2 votes cast)

    Expedia’s unpublished rate hotels may sound like a good idea but trust me it’s not. Expedia may end up shooting itself in its foot with this new product. I tried it out and the hotel I got was far from ‘brand name’ and furthermore was so poorly rated on Expedia’s own site that not one single guest recommended it. This new product seems to be just a way for bad hotels to foist off its rooms on the unsuspecting public.

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    Rating: +9 (from 9 votes)

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