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The Site:  WanderingEarl.com
  • “Wandering Earl” has been a working traveler for over ten years
  • Tips and stories about finding employment while traveling
  • Insights into life and travel in places like Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Google map updates of Earl’s itinerary
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“Wandering Earl” is an autobiographical travel blog. Earl set out from the U.S. on Christmas day in 1999 for a “3 month” trip to Southeast Asia that is yet to end. A true believer in the expat backpacker lifestyle, he shows us in words and pictures how he has managed to survive and thrive for over ten years away from his native United States.

The Good

We’ve got to hand it to him – Earl has been around. While most backpackers understandably avoid places like Afghanistan, Earl took it upon himself to visit that country. He goes out of his way to mingle with and get to know the people in the countries he visits. A true believer in the backpacking lifestyle, Earl expounds his ideals in “A New Breed of Explorer.”

The Bad

Intrigued by Earl’s genuine desire to spread goodwill on his travels, we spent an inordinate amount of time exploring his site. Unfortunately, we felt that his advice about how to live for less than $1000 a month falls a bit short.  Sure, Earl goes on to give us his insider’s tip that you can teach English in Thailand and make $3.00 per hour (100 Baht) , but that’s hardly enough to support even the average lifestyle in Thailand.

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Rating: 4.5/5 (4 votes cast)
Wandering Earl Travel Blog | WanderingEarl.com, 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings


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    I’ve been following Earl’s blog for several months now and I find his advice very useful as I travel around the world myself. His stories are always entertaining and always offer a valuable life lesson. It’s always been one of my favourite blogs to read each week!!

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    Thank you for the review of WanderingEarl.com!

    I just wanted to take a moment to point out an error in the “Bad” section of the review. In my “Teach English in Thailand” post, I didn’t claim that $3 per hour was sufficient earnings to support the average lifestyle in Thailand. What I did mention is that I charged my students $3/hour, but I held classes that consisted of many students, so my earnings were actually closer to $15/$20 USD per hour. And this amount is more than enough to live comfortably in Thailand.

    Also, I would be interested in further feedback as to why the reviewer felt that my post on How to Live Abroad for Less than $1000 per Month, “fell short”, especially considering that this post proved to be the most popular post I have yet to write.

    Thank you for any feedback and again, I appreciate the review.

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