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  • Points.com is free to join
  • Members can trade, exchange, buy, give or redeem points, miles and rewards from over 100 popular travel reward programs
  • Take points or miles any program and move them to any other participating reward program
  • Turn reward points or miles into “cash” by directly transferring them into a PayPal account
  • Redeem reward points or miles for retailer gift cards for retailers or restaurants
  • Convert credit points into flight miles or vice versa
  • Trade unused reward points or miles with other Points.com users
Our Editor’s Review
As frequent travelers, we are acutely aware that reward points can be very valuable. However, we can barely keep track of them. It is hard to remember what points we have, where, and how many we need to get our reward.  This is where we find Points.com to be a lifesaver in many ways.  We can easily manage our several reward program memberships electronically on Points.com. They will update our point balances at least every 2 weeks, so we do not need to log into separate accounts to check balances. We now feel like we can toss out our bulky reward cards and just store our information electronically on Points.com. We are disappointed that you cannot exchange Delta SkyMiles points out into other programs (at least not for free). This is not really a problem with Points.com, but we hear that Delta SkyMiles is strict about their rewards program and won’t allow Points.com to transfer their points to other programs. Oh…but if you want to transfer points into Delta SkyMiles, you are more than welcome to do so!  If you want to get rid of your unused Delta SkyMiles, you can trade them with other users of Points.com.  The only problem here is that there is a “trade fee”, which can be over $100. Points.com seems to have a very simple process for trading points. Similar to a classified ad, Points.com users can post what they are willing to trade (ie. your 5000 Delta SkyMiles for their 2500 Alaska Airlines miles), and you simply accept. We were pretty excited when we heard that PayPal was a new Points.com reward partner. This allows you to virtually convert your loyalty points into “cash” in your PayPal account. Woohoo…. no gift cards! Unfortunately, the facts didn’t really live up to the hype.  Turns out we’d need over 25,000 AA miles to get a measly $100 PayPal bucks. Likewise, this is about the same redemption value you will get if you redeem your points for a retailer gift card (about 25,000 AA miles for $100 gift card). We’d much rather redeem those points for an economy round-trip airline ticket. Points.com does have a few “low balance” offers, which allow you more bang for your buck (ie. less points), if you’re looking to join LifeLock or are in the market for a new Santa Suit (yes, that is an actual option).  For the least amount of points you can subscribe to top magazines. That being said, we think the best use of Points.com is to keep track of all your reward programs, while converting those points that you will never use for travel into something more useful.  Hey, if you don’t think you are flying anywhere soon, you are much better off swapping those 24,942 AA miles for a $100 Best Buy gift card. Lest we forget to mention, signing up for Points.com was the easiest process ever. We were already logged into Facebook on our computer, and simply hit the “Facebook Connect” button on the sign-up page.  That was it.  They didn’t post anything on our Facebook wall, so our privacy was protected.  We must give them two thumbs up here!
Points.com Loyalty Program Partners
  • Aeroplan®
  • Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan
  • American Airlines AAdvantage®
  • Asia Miles™
  • BMI
  • British Airways Executive Club
  • Delta SkyMiles®
  • Frontier Airlines EarlyReturns®
  • Hawaiian Airlines® HawaiianMiles®
  • JetBlue TrueBlue
  • Icelandair Award Points
  • Lufthansa Miles & More®
  • Midwest Airlines Midwest Miles
  • Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus
  • US Airways® Dividend Miles®
  • Virgin Atlantic Flying Club
  • Amtrak Guest Rewards Program
  • Choice Hotels
  • CruisePoints
  • Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts – Sirius Rewards Program
  • Marriott
  • Priority Club® Rewards
  • ReserveAmerica
  • Starwood Preferred Guest®
  • Trident Hotels, India-Trident Privilege Programme
  • Wyndham Rewards
Do you belong to any of those loyalty reward programs?  If so, Click here to sign up at Points.com to add them to a free Points.com account to keep track of your balances and exchange points between programs.
Points.com Contact Information
Points.com Points International Ltd. 171 John Street Toronto, Ontario Canada M5T 1X3 (416) 595-0000 Click here to sign up at Points.com Click here to visit Points.com on Facebook
Points.com’s Small Print*
  • To cancel a Trade on Points.com, you can only do so if the other party has not accepted it yet. “You must search for it on the trading board. The best way, will be to search it in reverse, of what you posted. Once you find the trade on the board, you will see the option to cancel“.
  • Both parties pay the Trade Fee, which is primarily charged by the reward programs. Points.com charges a $6.95 processing fee per transaction, which is included in the Trade Fee.
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Rating: 2.2/5 (149 votes cast)
Points.com Reviews , 2.2 out of 5 based on 149 ratings

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