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Airfare Watchdog Reviews


Airfare Watchdog is a free flight search engine that helps you find the lowest flight prices, along with email alerts and flexible options.


The Airfare Watchdog website becomes confusing when you search for a specific flight and a bunch of windows to other travel sites pop-up.  We understand that AirfareWatchdog is just a service that helps you find airfare deals, but if they could find a way to put all of the final search results in one screen, it would be more user friendly.  We also find the website to be slow and it kept freezing up on us as horrible pop-ups kept coming up.


There are no fees to use Airfare Watchdog.  The airfare prices listed include government taxes and fees as this is required of internet advertisers.


Airfare Watchdog does not sell airfare; they just help you find the best prices. Do yourself a favor and review Airfare Watchdog’s daily rundown of the top airfare deals to your destination before booking a flight.  You might find that simply changing airlines or to a nearby airport could save you money.  That being said, after we find the least expensive flight, we go straight to the airline’s website and book it directly with them.  The lowest price is always guaranteed with the airline.



Overall, the customer reviews of Airfare Watchdog are positive.  We found a few customer complaints stating that the airfare prices listed in their email alerts were impossible to find on their website.  This has left some customers very frustrated and complaining of “bait and switch” tactics.


Airfare Watchdog’s flight search to “anywhere” is awesome!  Sometimes we just want to see where we can fly on the cheap, and they never seem to fail in finding the best deals from our town. Even better, will tell you their tips to finding the cheap airfares in their “Notes” section on the results detail screen. AirfareWatchdog takes it further than other airfare comparison websites as they check for “seat availability” before they post their fares to make sure there are actually available seats on the airplane for you to book! Most other sites will publish airfare sales, without taking into account (or realizing) that there are only a few bookable seats left. Sounds simple, but we don’t know of any other website that does this. includes flights from the smaller airlines:  Southwest Airlines, Allegiant, USA3000. It’s about time, as we don’t know of any other flight comparison website that includes all these airlines.  The AirfareWatchBlog is really worth subscribing to if you travel often.  They not only post cheap airfare deals here, but they share their advice and experience such as “How useful are airline guarantees” and “The baggage insurance you’ve probably never heard about“.




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Rating: 3.2/5 (28 votes cast)
Airfare Watchdog Reviews |, 3.2 out of 5 based on 28 ratings


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    Got an email from AirFareWatchDog saying I can get a flight for $188 to my destination. Looked at everything on the email and their website but could not find a flight listed for $188. That does not leave me with a positive feeling for AFWD.

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