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Update May 2010: is not currently offering airfare, we recommend searching instead.

  • Travel search engine for flights, hotels, and rental cars
  • Unbiased by advertiser interests
  • Simultaneously searches and organizes real-time prices from over 200 travel sites
  • Simple and easy to use
Our Editor’s Review

The Trax travel site is really simple, just like or Travelzoo.   In fact, at face value, it seems to be an exact replica.   We decided to put Trax to the test, in a head-to-head competition with Kayak Travel to see which site came up with the best flight prices.  Using the same travel dates (30 days in advance), we compared flight pricing results of both sites.  Our consensus?  After doing at least 15 comparison tests, we found that Kayak travel is quicker.   However, Trax came up with the cheapest prices overall, but not by a landslide.    In one instance their listed flight was $19 lower than Kayak’s price.   Of note, Kayak’s prices never beat the prices we found on searching is a bit more subjective.  With hotels, we believe that often times you get what you pay for!  If cheap is what you are looking for, will automatically pull up the cheapest hotel your destination city.  On the other hand, Kayak travel will automatically filter the results by “most popular” hotels, which may be more expensive but have good hotel reviews. We love that both Trax and Kayak Travel pull up hotels near the city-center, because some travel search engines pull up hotels in the outskirts of town that are cheaper but a long distance from the city.  Overall, if we had to choose, Trax is our first choice to compare flight prices.  Trax searches some airfare sites that most have never heard of, thereby granting to best results.  As for hotels, we may check Kayak travel first because their hotel search seems more comprehensive. Coupons & Deals

Trax Travel does not have coupon codes because they are simply a search engine.  Get airfare deals and coupon codes from other travel sites here.

On behalf of all of us at Trax, I’d like to thank you for your thoughtful and fair review of our website and commend you on your commitment to unbiased reviews of travel websites. Thank you for highlighting that we find lower prices and search more sources, as we pride ourselves on providing these unbiased search results, unlike many other sites. We truly value feedback from professionals like yourself and are eager to hear your thoughts on our future site development.

Best wishes, Evvie Meier at


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Trax Travel Reviews |, 3.5 out of 5 based on 4 ratings

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