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  • Splendia was founded in 2004
  • Over 5,000 luxury and unique character-style hotels worldwide
  • Guaranteed best rates on hotels at Splendia.com
  • “The Club” rewards program by Splendia provides members with exclusive benefits
  • Online team of 100 employees providing customer service in 10 languages
  • Multilingual website with real-time hotel availability
  • Email newsletter
Our Editor’s Review

The first stop we recommend on Splendia’s website is to “The Club” page where you can sign up for free to start earning rewards and exclusive benefits for each of your Splendia hotel stays. We found the registration process quick and painless. As Classic members of “The Club”, we were offered a few benefits even before our first stay. For instance, Splendia Club members do not pay the regular 30€ cancellation fee for cancellations (except for those at the last minute or charged by the hotel). As new members, we were offered a $26.72 USD hotel credit, just for referring a friend who joins and books a hotel , which we could easily integrate with our Facebook, Twitter, and email contacts. Members also receive an exclusive customer service email address and 24-hour telephone customer support access. After only our second Splendia booking, the real benefits kick in, such as free room upgrades, complimentary drinks, and spa access. For more information about “The Club”, read their FAQ.

The selection of hotels on Splendia.com is limited to the finest luxury hotels in the world, so it is not for everyone. Also, the pricing on the first search results page is not accurate, which can make searching for the best price difficult. For instance, it listed the Four Seasons Seattle starting at $545 a night for our selected dates. However, when we clicked through, we saw that rooms were available from $315* a night. Quite the price difference! That being said, the prices were competitive on definitely on par with other hotel booking websites. Turning this “bad” into a “good”, Splendia strictly handpicks the hotels that they list on their website, which all have excellent customer reviews. So, if you are in the market to stay in a top rated luxury hotel, you should check out the availability on Splendia.com. Just make sure you click through to see the correct prices!

Splendia Fees*
  • No hotel booking fees
  • No cancellation fee by Splendia. However, the hotel may charge a cancellation fee and Splendia will pass this charge onto you.

*Based solely on research done by TravelSiteCritic.com, these figures may be inaccurate. Double check before you buy.

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Rating: 3.0/5 (22 votes cast)
Splendia Reviews | Splendia.com, 3.0 out of 5 based on 22 ratings

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