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  • Expat blog about the travel adventures of an IT professional who left the corporate world behind
  • Blog contains entries about 23 different countries
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Sherry Ott left a comfortable lifesyle in New York in order to travel the world.  She has traveled extensively throughout Asia, including living for a year in Vietnam.  She has also traveled throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.  Her site is made as much for those who long to follow in her footsteps and leave the 9 to 5 life behind as it is for travelers.

The Good

Unlike so many expats, Sherry Ott seems to have a method to her madness. She didn’t just step out from her cubicle one day, never to return. She planned her escape and planned it well. Sherry is a do-to-earth traveler with a sensitive spirit. We anticipated that her entry “Cambodia – If we build it they will come” was going to be another horribly cliched article about the Pol Pot years, corruption and poverty. It actually does contain a lot of that information, but also has lines that show she understands how hard Cambodians are trying to leave their painful past behind. Her Photo Gallery also reflects her keen eye and sensitivity.

The Bad

We enjoyed so much about Sherry’s website, it is hard to criticize it.  It is well-written, contains mountains of information and has a stunning collection of photographs.   Her Travel Store would also be useful to travelers, if those who want to shop for travel books and supplies could find it.  Our biggest complaint is that the site seems to suffer from an identity crisis.  Is it an informational site or a commercial site?  Is it for expats, backpackers or regular tourists? There is something for everyone at Ottsworld and that is the problem, in our opinion.   That’s not to say we don’t highly recommend it, though.

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