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The Site:

  • Insider Information about Malaysia
  • Hotel and Resort Reviews
  • Strong focus on Eco-tourism
  • Further Information about Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Cambodia and Laos
  • Lots of Links to other travel blogs
  • @MalaysiaAsia on Twitter
  • Malaysia Asia on Facebook
Malaysia Asia describes itself as a “travel information site” whose focus is on Malaysia and surrounding countries in Southeast Asia.  It is presented in a blog format and each tab on the homepage takes the reader to a different blog.

The Good:

Malayasia Asia has obviously been put together by people who know Malaysia well. They have a particular interest in eco-tourism and in promoting some of the more interesting but out-of-the-way places to visit in Malaysia and elsewhere in SE Asia. As passionate funky-but-nice hotel lovers, we really appreciated their Boutique Hotels section. Absolutely and without question, we are going to check out the Blue Mansion (Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion) next time we are in Penang. If for no other reasons than it is Very Old and Very Blue, we fell instantly in love with the look of this hotel. Where they stick with their turf (Malaysia), we got a lot out of the site.

The Bad:

We weren’t entirely happy with the blog format, but we could live with it. It has the look and feel of a blog that’s been made from a free template, so is kind of flat looking.  We also think that David and Lillian (the site owners) could improve their site by eliminating the destinations outside of Malaysia, though nobody forced us to click on those tabs. For a site that prides itself on being “different,” there seemed to be no reason for the inclusion of a post about a day at Hong Kong Disneyland.  There are far too many blogs about that as it is.  To be fair, the comments on the post were mostly favorable, so maybe we’re just picky.  Nonetheless, we would have been more impressed with information about another day-glo painted hotel somewhere else in Malaysia.

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Click Star to Rate This Site:
Rating: 3.7/5 (13 votes cast)
Malaysia Asia Travel Blog |, 3.7 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

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