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Best Western - Pets need a vacation TooThe Site:  GoPetFriendly.com
  • Specializes in Traveling with Pets
  • Limited to USA and Canada
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Go Pet Friendly includes a directory of pet friendly hotels, motels and campgrounds plus other information for travelers who take their pets with them on vacation. The site is limited to destinations in the United States and Canada. It also includes a “Pet Store” and “Take Paws” blog.
The Good:
We thought just about every travel niche imaginable had been filled until we came across Go Pet Friendly. Then we realized that without this site, there would be a yawning gap in the travel website world. Traveling with pets is a niche that needed filling and Go Pet Friendly fills it well. The “Take Paws” blog contains great guest posts that are both fun and informative. Pet Friendly Fun in Fort Bragg, for instance is one of many guest posts that is not only entertaining, but informative. In less than 500 words, the author: 1) Made us want to go to Mendocino County 2) Take our dog with us and 3) Told us where to go and what to see when we got there. The sidebar, so often overlooked or irrelevant in blogs, contains ads for discount pet foods, pet friendly hotels, a petition for hotels to lift their ban on large dogs and other ads and content that really matters to traveling pet lovers.
The Bad:
We thought the design of the site was a little bland. We didn’t care for the extra-wide two-sidebars-on-the-right layout. Most of us would rather have the main content right in front of us and the sidebars on the sides, where they’re meant to be. However, what Go Pet Friendly lacked in design sophistication it more than made up for in enthusiasm and informative content. If you’re planning on traveling with a dog in the U.S. or Canada, Go Pet Friendly is well worth a visit.
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Click Star to Rate This Site:
Rating: 3.4/5 (5 votes cast)
Go Pet Friendly Reviews | GoPetFriendly.com, 3.4 out of 5 based on 5 ratings

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