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  • FareCompare is an airfare comparison site
  • Real-time price quotes come from raw airfare data at over 500 airlines
  • Subscribe to FareCompare for additional benefits such as saved searches
  • 30-Day flexible airfare calendar
  • Real-time airfare Twitter alerts
  • Discount 1st Class airfare search engine
  • ABCNews.com Weekly Travel Column
  • “Ask Rick” travel blog with renowned advice

Our Editor’s Review:

We’re not gonna lie… we’ve been big fans of FareCompare for a long time. We find their airfare search engine to be more comprehensive than their competitors such as Kayak.com.   FareCompare has fun features too, such as the “Where-To-Go” deal finder which finds the cheapest airfare prices from your nearest departure city.  So, if you are in the early planning stages of a trip and still trying to decide where to jet off to, this deal finder will tell you the cheapest places to fly to.  We also liked FareCompare’s new “Getaway Map” (currently in Beta version) which shows you approximate airfare prices on a map… reminiscent of Travelocity’s long lost “Dream Map” that we were once fans of.

FareCompare is not only a place to find cheap airline tickets.  Their “Ask Rick” blog is bar-none the best airfare advice blog on the internet.  Follow FareCompare’s CEO, Rick Seaney on Twitter for a steady stream of excellent travel advice.  Rick knows what’s hot in travel and even interviewed our own TravelSiteCritic.com founder last year for his radio show!  🙂

If we have to complain about one thing, we are upset that FareCompare is missing the smaller airlines, such as Allegiant.  Some major discount airfare deals can be found on the smaller airlines.  If you have one of these small airlines in your departure city make sure you compare their pricing with what you find on FareCompare to get the cheapest price (if that’s what you’re after).

FareCompare Fees & Policies*:

FareCompare.com has no fees that we are aware of.  However, you should know that the airfares listed on FareCompare do not generally include all taxes and fees (not fees charged by them, but others), and these are calculated when you confirm your reservation.

*Based solely on research done by TravelSiteCritic.com, and may be inaccurate and subject to changes. See the Fare Compare website for full details. Please be aware of airfare taxes & fees.

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Rating: 3.5/5 (19 votes cast)
FareCompare Reviews | FareCompare.com, 3.5 out of 5 based on 19 ratings

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