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The Site:
  • Malaysian food and travel blog
  • Cumi and Ciki are two Malaysians educated in USA & UK, sharing their passions with anyone interested in food, cooking and traveling the world
  • The blog is featured in several languages, including German and Chinese
  • The most comprehensive posts collection is the Where to Eat category, where original reviews bring you closer to the Malaysian cooking culture, but also to some special places in other Asian countries, US or UK
  • Travel and Tips – written with humor in a lighthearted tone
  • If you’re looking for original exotic recipes, check the Creative Corner for food with a twist
  • B.I.T.S means “bloggers in the spotlight” – a showcase of other talented bloggers that Cumi & Ciki choose
  • Follow @agentcikay on Twitter
The Good

Cumi & Ciki’s blog has everything from tasting new international flavors to discovering exotic destinations.  Many of the photos illustrating the articles and reviews are absolutely stunning, and we believe the blog would grab even more attention if Cumi and Ciki created a dedicated Photo category.  Cumi & Ciki’s writing does a a nice job of highlighting the local color of the destinations that they write about – don’t miss the “7 Things I love about Japan” post for a great example of this.  Their Motto is great, “Be curious. The only way to know if you like worms is to try/eat worms. Don’t try, don’t know. The only way to know if one curry is better than another is to try BOTH..”.

The Bad

We aren’t exactly thrilled with the blog format. Most of the content is brilliant, but it is visually lacking. When you click on a category tab, the page only shows three titles, risking to lose an impatient visitor.

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Click Star to Rate This Site:
Rating: 3.5/5 (2 votes cast)
Cumi & Ciki Food and Travel Blog | Cumi dan Ciki, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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