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Is CLI Vacations a scam?

CLI Vacations offers a $49 Las Vegas hotel package for 2 nights, which includes show tickets (airfare additional)

Our Editor’s Review:

CLI Vacation’s most popular package is their Econo-Pack package, which is the $49 package that you see advertised. This package actually costs $99, but you receive $50 cash back, so you end up paying only $49 (we’ll get into why they do it this way in a bit). In addition to the cash back, you also get a Vegas Bite Card, 2 tickets to Mac King at Harrah’s ($66 value) and 2 tickets to Vinnie Favorito at Flamingo ($120 value). We attended Mac King in the past and think it is one of the best shows on the strip, especially for the price.

We like that CLI Vacations allows you to customize your package, so you are not pigeon-holed into this one package. For instance, instead of the Econo-Pack you can choose to forgo the $50 cash back for 2 additional show tickets of your choice, along with 2 Buffet dinners. You will still get the Vegas Bite Card and the show tickets that are included in the Econo-Pack. CLI has a big selection of shows to choose from, and we were impressed that several of them include dinner. We found that the value of the 2 additional show tickets and buffet dinners is well over the $50 cash back, so we would choose this option.

If you use the search engine box on the home page, it links out to CLI Travel where you can book vacations to hundreds of other destinations in the U.S and throughout the world. However, we didn’t find the same extreme low price ($49) packages by using the search engine, so the placement of this on their website is confusing. CLI Vacations is best used for booking their famous Las Vegas couples getaway by using their contact box. We found it unfortunate that more details were not given online, and that we needed to fill out the contact box to find out what hotels would be available. At the time of our request, the hotels available were the Imperial Palace, Jockey Club, Riviera or Tuscany Suites. We were told that the hotel selection changes and that is why you must contact them for details. If you are not overly concerned with the hotel that you may get, you do have the option of booking a Las Vegas package online.

That being said, there is a catch. It’s a somewhat dirty one, as we did not find it prominently advertised on the CLI Vacations website. What’s the catch? In order to buy this Las Vegas package you need to qualify to attend a 90-minute presentation. We think that CLI Vacations should be more upfront about this on their website. We didn’t find out about it until after we contacted them via the reservation contact form, upon which we were told that a short timeshare presentation is required which promotes “popular resort areas and vacation spots in the United States, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Mexico, Australia, Europe, Asia, Africa, and more….and there is NO obligation to purchase anything“.  If you book the “Econo-Pack” package for $99, you will receive your $50 cash back when you attend the presentation. Overall, sitting through a little no-obligation presentation is worth it to us, as we have never seen Las Vegas hotel packages with meals and show tickets this cheap.

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$49 Las Vegas Package includes Show Tickets !

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Rating: 3.8/5 (13 votes cast)
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