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Best Hotel Deals on
  • CheapOstay offers over 100,000 hotels for online booking with a lowest hotel rate guarantee
  • Exclusive” direct hotel deals and “unsold hotels at incredibly low prices” with instant discounts
  • Ability to search for hotels by landmark, city, or neighborhood
  • CheapOstay call center (866-636-9088) available 24 hours a day/7 days a week
Our Editor’s Review:
We pulled up a list of hotel choices on in a popular U.S. city, the first of which stated it was a “Amazing Hotel Deal – 10% Discount Applied“.  After clicking through to the final booking screen, we decided to compare CheapOstay’s price for this hotel with the hotel’s own website.  We used the same travel dates, ect.  Knowing that we usually find the cheapest hotel rates on the hotels own website, we were a bit surprised to find that CheapOstay’s price was indeed a full $20 cheaper than the hotel’s own website, which turned out to be even more than a 10% discount. Well done! To make sure this wasn’t an isolated incident, we tried it again.  This time we clicked through to the final booking screen on a spendy top-rated luxury hotel in this city, which CheapOstay also stated was an “Amazing Hotel Deal – 15% Discount Applied”. This time the hotel on CheapOstay was a full $25 cheaper per night.  We took some time to look at their featured discount hotel deals, and were similarly impressed.  Here we found all-inclusive’s in Cancun from $65* and hotels on the Las Vegas strip from $55*. Although CheapOstay states that you can search by “neighborhood”, we entered our search for a “downtown” hotel in the city of our choice and the search results pulled up hotels that were located in a suburb, a good 45 minute drive away. If we were not familiar with the city, we may have booked one of these hotels in the ‘burbs.  We went on to filter the results by “distance” in order to find actual downtown hotels. After all was said and done, we hadn’t even used any of the CheapOstay coupon codes that are readily available, often discounting another $10-$20 off the total reservation. We are a bit jaded, and nonetheless find the pricing on CheapOstay tough to beat! Get $15 OFF with CheapOStay promo coupon code HOTEL15  plus $15 instant discount on select hotels.
CheapOstay Fees and Policies*
  • $25 CheapOstay cancellation fee, per reservation PLUS any cancellation fees or penalties charged by the individual hotel. Be advised that some hotels are non-refundable.  To cancel, you need to call CheapOstay customer service at 1-866-466-8827
  • $25 CheapOstay change/amendment fee per reservation
  • Variable (up to $32 per night/room) CheapOstay service hotel booking fee
  • Minimum $26 CheapOstay airfare booking fee
  • $50 CheapOstay tour package booking fee
  • $15 CheapOstay car rental booking fee
Take note that non-prepaid reservations use your credit card to hold your hotel reservation (but your card is not charged until you arrive) and “strongly recommends” that you confirm non-prepaid reservations directly with the hotel, no sooner than 24 hours prior to check-in.  In addition, always print your CheapOstay hotel confirmation page and bring it with you to the hotel in case there are any problems! *Based solely on research done by, and may be inaccurate and subject to changes. See the website for full details.
CheapOstay Coupons & Deals:

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Rating: 3.3/5 (3 votes cast)
CheapOstay Reviews |, 3.3 out of 5 based on 3 ratings

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