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The Site:  ALittleAdrift.com

  • A Little Adrift is about a 12 month ’round the world backpacking excursion
  • Contains several informational sections, including travel advice, trip planning advice and product reviews
  • Covers the most popular world travel destinations plus a few more less traveled routes
  • @ShannonRTW on Twitter
  • A Little Adrift on Facebook
A Little Adrift is a little about everything Shannon O’Donnell saw and did during her year-long trip around the world. It includes blogs, travel photos, links, products and a section promoting her work as a professional SEO consultant and blogger.

The Good:

Shannon says that she chose the title, “A Little Adrift” because that was how she felt when she left her native Florida to travel the world alone. She must have gotten over it, because we found her blog to be self-assured, professional and, for the most part, delightful. Each entry begins with the words, “A Little” and that’s exactly what we got – a little anecdote about something she saw or did on her travels. Her entry about “A Little Volunteering” in Guatemala shows that Shannon is a backpacker with a heart as well as an adventurous spirit.

The Bad:

There were no photos in the “Visuals” section of the blog.   This was a huge letdown for us, given that she offers tips and links for budding travel bloggers on her “Your Blog” page.   Shannon, if you are going to have a “Travel Photos” page, put some photographs in it. The trepidation Shannon felt when she got “A Little Scare” while driving in Laos was quite understandable and her criticism of the stupidity of helmetless backpackers well-founded.   Nevertheless, we felt she was a little too critical of the locals.  They wouldn’t pack the whole family on a single motorbike if they could afford to buy a car.

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A Little Adrift Travel Blog | ALittleAdrift.com, 4.0 out of 5 based on 12 ratings

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